Camelot table

Gordon Perrier's commissioned Camelot table and chairs

Steamed Swiss pear and burr elm "Camelot" dining table with inset stainless steel moat and 8 chairs in coloured velvets as turrets of colour.

This table featured in Channel 4's "TV Dinners" in November 1997, a half hour programme dealing with the delivery of the table and chairs and the first meal around the table.

Prior to the programme's first showing there were two prominent national magazine features. The Sunday Times Style supplement on 17 August 1997 is shown below.

Elle magazine also contained a large feature by Jenny Tucker. To quote from the feature:

"This is a particularly special occasion because Channel 4 is filming the evening for TV Dinners, a new programme about cooking and entertaing at home.......The guests, six of Gordon and Raymond's closest friends, are due within the hour and there's still the table to be laid. Ah, the table. The reason for the celebration.

Almost a year ago Gordon commissioned furniture designer Suzanne Hodgson to create a dining table. For months, plans were discussed and drawings approved until finally, this classic circular design made from steamed Swiss pear and burr elm, found itself in Gordon's home. A lot of attention has been given to this table, not only concerning its creation, but also the accessories that accompany it. Gordon had a lighting display wired in the ceiling that makes Blackpool seafront look dull. Above each of the eight placings is an individual spotlight that illuminates the setting....."

Sunday Times Style supplement on 17 August 1997