Games table

1. Games table.

2. Games table (detail).

3. Flip top over to reveal chess board.

4. Chess board (detail).

5. Chess board in use.

6. Draughts.

7. Backgammon board.

8. Backgammon board.

9. Backgammon board.

10. Storage area under the backgammon board.

Made from Swiss steamed pear and burr elm with ripple sycamore edge banding, as seen in the first two photographs. In photographs 3 to 6 the top flips over to reveal the board for chess and draughts in holly and ebony with boxwood edge banding and patterned banding inlay. Photographs 7 to 9 show the table top removed to reveal the inset backgammon board in Swiss steamed pear, walnut and sycamore. The backgammon pieces are invisibly lead weighted and made from American walnut and maple. The doubling cube is holly and ebony. Photograph 10 shows the backgammon board removed to reveal the inset storage area. The storage area is lined in beige suede and includes casino chips, draughts in holly and ebony, chess sets in boxwood and ebony, bridge cards with scoring pads, a bridge cube in ebony and silver, solid silver pencils, lead crystal whiskey glasses, dominoes in ebony and silver, two dice shakers in American walnut and sycamore, the dice being ebony and silver and a handcut jigsaw in a leather tray. Finally, a green baize card cloth is included to cover the games table.