"Rimmington 6-12 seat dining table

Circular table

Circular table separated and ready to take 1, 2 or all three parts of the rectangular drop leaf table.

Rectangular drop leaf table. One drop leaf is removable.

The rectangular drop leaf table with both leaves in use.

The circular table with one drop leaf inserted in the centre to produce an 8 seat oval.

The full 12 seat configuration with the full rectangular drop leaf table within the two halves of the circular table.

The Rimmington solid oak multiple configuration dining table is accented with bog oak veneer and all fittings are satin chromed solid brass. Designed so that no-one gets a leg to try to sit around in any of the configurations from 3 up to 12.

Multiple configuration?
1. Two free standing semi-circular tables which can be used individually against a wall, seating 3 each or combined as a circular table seating 6. The circular table has a diameter of 1310mm.
2. A rectangular drop leaf table with one fixed and one removable leaf. The top is 500mm and the two drop leaves are each 650mm.

Use the circular table day to day and have the rectangular table with leaves dropped against a wall or even in a different room. Those gatherings which require more seating can be accommodated easily by inserting the removable leaf between the two semi-circles to seat 8, putting the rectangular drop leaf table, minus the removable leaf, between the two semi-circles to seat 10 or fully combining the drop leaf table within the two semi-circles to seat 12. The total length of the 12 seater configuration is 3110mm. All combinations are constructed easily and quickly using table forks which precisely clip the units together under the table top. Precision joins are achieved with fixed locating pins and all legs have adjustable feet to overcome uneven floor surfaces.