Sculptural work

I bought the whole base of an elm tree from Scotland as it looked like it would contain a tight burr. I agreed that the timber merchant should cut the 7 foot diameter base, half vertically and half horizontally, and awaited delivery. When the 2 inch thick slabs were delivered and I reviewed what I had bought I was thrilled to find that, quite by chance, I had three slabs which, with bark removed, looked like complete trees with trunks. I really had no choice but to air dry for a couple of years and then sand, lightly oil and mount them to produce the pieces you see below. All three slabs were a glowing tight veneer-quality burr and all three were securely bolted onto plinths of scorched oak with a rugged texture to counterbalance the finely sanded, smooth trees.
The largest tree, "Burr Elm Tree III" sold at the private view the first time it was exhibited, before I could even photograph it. "Burr Elm Tree I", the smallest tree, also sold when first exhibited, but not before I managed to have it photographed.

"Burr Elm Tree II" won The Woodland Heritage Award for 2014 at Cheltenham's Celebration Of Craftsmanship & Design exhibition in August 2014 and was sold at that show.